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Top industries with strong career growth opportunities in Guyana

Along with Guyana’s economic boom is the surge in employment opportunities. For jobseekers, it is important to be well-equipped in terms of competencies and skills to land their dream jobs. However, according to experts, career pathing is also knowing the top industries with the best career opportunities. In Guyana, here

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Tips on writing a resume

Job-hunting? Make sure you have the perfect resume to help you land that dream job! Here are some best practices in resume writing from the experts: Keep your resume brief, simple, and easy to read. Ideally, resumes should be one page long. However, if there is a need to include

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How to ace an interview

Preparing for a job interview? Do not panic. Here are some tips to help you ace your interview and increase your chances of getting hired: 1.  Know what you are getting into. Research about the company that you are applying for. As an outsider, it is understandable that you do

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