Should you accept the counteroffer?

Deciding your next career path can be a daunting process. Attending interviews for possible employment and being offered a position can lead to a difficult decision of submitting your resignation but being presented with a counteroffer. However, one begs the question if these counteroffers are really for the benefit of both the parties or just a ploy to keep the talent within the company.

Employees beware–accepting a counteroffer from your employer will likely damage your business relationship after you told them that you would like to leave the company. Whether you feel underappreciated in your current job and would like to seek for better opportunities, or simply because you’re tired of the monotony of the nature of your job, accepting the counteroffer might have a huge impact in your career.

Here are the top three reasons why employees should not accept the counteroffer:

1. Soured Business Relationships.

Now that your employer knows that you want to leave your job, a counteroffer of bigger salary and more incentives might be on the table. However, it can just be a ploy to keep you at bay while your boss looks for your replacement, why would they keep you after all if you are already planning to leave. Your job tenure might also be on the rocks since you will be the first to go when the company decides to lay off employees.

2. Happiness Over Money

One of the top reasons why employees leave a company is because there is no fulfillment anymore. Work gets tedious and you might not be as passionate with what you do so you tend to look for something else in greener pastures. Do not let the counteroffer hold you back from seeking a job that gives you satisfaction, motivation is the key to success after all.

3. Unmet Long-Term Goals

You might be considering leaving the company because your job does not align with your long-term goals anymore. You might feel like you invested much of your time and efforts in working towards something that does not line up with your future plans. Avoid having regrets by staying back and accepting the counteroffer when you could have been working to achieve your lifetime plans. It’s better to start now than regret it later on in life after all.

If you are on the market for a job, remember take time to think through your goals so that you can find a position that is aligned with them. Make sure that your skills are at par with the job description and seek for something that will also contribute to your personal development.

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