How to prepare for your online interview

The advancement in technology has revolutionized the way we do things, including job applications and interviews. The moment your resume gets chosen and you are short-listed for an interview, make sure to know whether it is going to be face-to-face or online. If it’s online and you have not tried it before, don’t worry. These tips will be a big help:

Get the details of the interview. Get the schedule right and be mindful of time zones. Make sure to double-check the interview platform and install it in advance. Although not a requisite, it will also help to know whether it’s going to be a panel or one-on-one interview. This would help you anticipate the possible flow of questions and corresponding discussions. 

Choose a proper location with good lighting and no distractions. This is the first time that you will engage with a prospective employer, and it is best to give them the right impression as a potential candidate starting with the interview process. Just because it is online, it does not mean that your interviewers must understand the nuisances that come with a home or non-office setting. Make sure that your place looks presentable, you are visible, there is no clutter or unnecessary objects and people in the background, and keep unwanted noise to a minimum. 

Preparing all the equipment and doing a tech run is a must. In the tech run, check the equipment you will be using as well as your connectivity. Never use a mobile phone or tablet, instead go for a laptop or desktop set-up. Your microphone should be audible and make sure to use a pair of headphones. Going for a piece of noise-canceling equipment or software will be helpful. Check your connection’s stability and prepare a backup connection in the event of sudden connectivity issues. Practice running the set-up on your own so that you become more comfortable running the platform and using the equipment.

Free up your time at least an hour before and after the interview. The one-hour allowance before the schedule will prepare you just in case the interviewer reschedules for a much earlier time. Make sure that you enter the virtual room at least 10 minutes before the schedule and don’t leave unless you are advised to do so. Freeing up your schedule an hour after the interview allows you to focus on the interview at hand instead of getting distracted if the interview gets extended because you made another commitment. 

Power dressing still applies. Dressing accordingly during the interview. Get a complete suit from top to bottom. Although your interviewer may not see what you are wearing from the waist down, power dressing gives you a certain level of confidence and an air of professionalism that can resonate in the interview. 

Be mindful of your body language. Practice your angles on the webcam and check how you register both visually and audibly. Ask somebody to stage a mock interview and record the whole proceedings. Make sure that you cover everything from the introductions to the final words. Review the recording and check for gestures and mannerisms that you have to fine-tune.

Prepare your online portfolio. Make sure that your online portfolio is ready just in case you need to show samples of your work. So, it should be readily available to be screen-shared right away. Being asked to show samples of your work is a rare opportunity during the interview process considering the time constraints. So, do not waste this opportunity.

Here are some additional interview tips to help you ace your interview. 

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