What to look for in a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner

As investors flock to establish their enterprises in Guyana, the need for an efficient workforce complement grows. However, talent acquisition in itself is challenging and requires money, time, and expertise. This is why having a reliable Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner is also becoming more and more important in the country. 

So, how do you know the perfect RPO for your company? Below are some tips to help you out:

Specialization and Industry Expertise

Your RPO partner must be able to support and have an extensive experience in your industry so it can provide the kind of workers you are looking for, from the ranks to managerial positions in the field or office functions. It would help to get an RPO that has multiple clients in various industries with an extensive understanding of the kind of business you run. This RPO would most certainly have a holistic perspective of your needs and can provide you with a strategic direction in your hiring process. 

Understand your Process

One size does not fit all. Thus, your RPO partner must understand and appreciate how your company works. This is a very crucial requirement so that they would be able to find the right people.

Flexibility and Breadth of Service

The RPO should be able to use their specialization and industry experience and knowledge of your business to provide you with the recruitment services that are ideal for your needs. It should also be able to meet your immediate and future workforce requirements regardless of the type of hire (part-time, full-time, or both), delivery method (on-site, virtual, or both), and reach (local, global, or both).

Financial Impact

Never settle for an RPO just because it offers affordable fees. Instead, go for an RPO with a remarkable track record in providing cost-effective services. To gauge this, you need to know your current cost. This would serve as a baseline for assessment and comparison. 

Performance History

Ask your RPO for their track record in terms of successful hires. You need to know how if they can deliver. One of the best indicators is high client retention. Repeat services are evidence that the RPO is capable of providing satisfactory results.


Since you will be working with your RPO partner closely, it would be an advantage if you feel at ease working with your partner. Thus, you need to be comfortable working with your RPO partner by establishing trust and dependability. 

Excel Guyana’s Recruiting Division’s more than 30 years of leadership experience has helped companies grow their business and offer support in various facets of their operation including recruitment. Not only does Excel get the best candidates for the job, but it can also help job seekers find sustainable employment in various sectors including government relations and orientation, construction management, procurement and logistics, human resource, accounting, among others.

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Ewan Shanks

Ewan Shanks

As a member of the executive leadership team, Mr. Shanks is responsible for growing the organization’s local and international recruitment division to support businesses expanding in Guyana.

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