Top industries with strong career growth opportunities in Guyana

Along with Guyana’s economic boom is the surge in employment opportunities. For jobseekers, it is important to be well-equipped in terms of competencies and skills to land their dream jobs. However, according to experts, career pathing is also knowing the top industries with the best career opportunities. In Guyana, here are the top choices.

Agriculture and manufacturing

Guyana’s recent breakthroughs in trade have seen a rise in the exportation of local produce. Also, as more international investors establish their operations in the country, Guyana is also seeing an increase in its population. With these developments, both the agriculture and manufacturing sectors will have to beef up their workforce to keep up with this demand. This will open long-term opportunities for farmers, food scientists and technologists, agronomists, and specialists in agriculture, fisheries, livestock, aquaculture, canning, drying, preserving, and the like.

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Construction and Engineering

With the strong emphasis on infrastructure development, the demand for workers in construction and engineering has significantly increased. In the next years, more infrastructure projects are lined up by the government, and more investors are expected to establish their companies in the country. These alone will keep the construction and engineering sector busy. Possible employment opportunities include those for architects, drafters, engineers, and surveyors as well as skilled workers for mason, welding, carpentry, and fabrication works.

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Sales and Brokerage

As Guyana’s trade industry takes off, the need for professionals in sales and brokerage will also rise. Though there might be some decline in the next years or so, this industry will remain to offer lucrative salaries, compensation, and benefit. Among the top career opportunities in this sector include sales agents, cashiers, associates, brokers, among others.

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Information and Computer Technology

To become globally competitive, the Government of Guyana has fast-tracked the establishment of 3G and 4G networks and fiber connections while supporting start-up businesses in the country. Over the years, this industry will be creating job opportunities for both local and international professionals, especially for software engineers and developers, computer network professionals, web developers, programmers, and many more.

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Management and Support Staff

As more companies establish their base of operation in the country, the need for competent individuals to fill up management and management positions will also double over the years. Management and staff positions will open in the advertising, training and development, tourism, recruitment, and sciences sectors.

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Excel Guyana’s Recruiting Division’s more than 30 years of leadership experience has helped companies grow their business and offer support in various facets of their operation including recruitment. Not only does Excel get the best candidates for the job, but it can also help job seekers find sustainable employment in various sectors including government relations and orientation, construction management, procurement and logistics, human resource, accounting, among others.

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Ewan Shanks

Ewan Shanks

As a member of the executive leadership team, Mr. Shanks is responsible for growing the organization’s local and international recruitment division to support businesses expanding in Guyana.

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