With the Right Expectations, Job Seekers Thrive working with Recruitment Firms

Recruitment firms have made the lives of both job seekers and companies much easier. By submitting a professional resume, job seekers can be considered for several job openings in different companies. In the same way, when companies engage the services of a recruitment firm, they save time, improve the quality of hires, and minimize fast turnover especially that employers are looking for employees to make a long turn commitment.

When engaging with a recruitment firm though, it is important to understand the expectations to maximize the value of the relationship.

Recruitment firms will work with you, but do not work for you. They are hired by companies to look for human resources that would complement their operation. In addition to technical skills, they are looking compatibility in career goals and company culture. They will most definitely work with you granting that you are a potential candidate for a job opening. This means that you have the qualifications that the company that hired the firm is looking for and you would work well with their existing team. Thus, make sure to always engage with the recruiter professionally as every call or coordination forms part of the selection process.

Recruiters specialize in certain industries. Thus, if you wish to work in an industry that fits your background and experience, submit resumes to firms that specialize in your industry. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the recruiter such as the company they represent, experience, and process. You can also research the firm’s reputation. This will help you gauge the kind of companies the firm deals with.

Some firms keep an inventory of candidates while others keep a fresh roster. There is nothing much you can do if the firm always keeps a fresh list of candidates. However, if they keep your resume on file until you land a job, make sure to ask the firm how you can update your resume every now and then. Firms would also appreciate it if you were true to your word. If you have committed to being part of the selection process, go through with interviews and provide professional feedback.

Each recruiter has a unique style – from resumes to job interviews, among others. Learn the recruiter’s style and preferred format for communications. If you are submitting to several firms, make sure to customize your approach when dealing with every firm.

Recruitment firms go beyond the resumes you submit when conducting a background investigation. Make yourself visible to the recruitment firm and make sure that the image they see online boosts your chances of getting hired. Set up an online portfolio, be part of big projects, serve as a resource speaker in public engagements or events, and the like.

Candidates must follow the recruiters’ process. They should never contact the employer directly. There is a reason why companies hired a firm to screen and recruit candidates. One of the primary reasons is so that they can utilize the firm’s knowledge, time, and expertise in prescreening candidates. This allows the company to focus on managing its operations and serving its customers.

Excel Guyana’s Recruiting Division has over thirty (30) years of experience locally and internationally. We bring a high level of expertise to the recruitment process by creating a culture of safety, reliability, and professionalism. In screening candidates, our human resources team conducts Structural Behavioural Interviews to ensure we are presenting the best candidates for the position your firm is seeking to fill. Excel’s team of executives have extensive expertise guiding our clients through complex labor laws and ensuring compliance with local regulations. It doesn’t matter if you are recruiting a C-suite executive, front line employee, or temporary worker, you are making a significant investment. Excel’s human resources team is committed to helping you succeed.

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Ewan Shanks

Ewan Shanks

As a member of the executive leadership team, Mr. Shanks is responsible for growing the organization’s local and international recruitment division to support businesses expanding in Guyana.

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